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Dermal Fillers – Juvederm Injections – Richardson

Published on April 25, 2014 by

Aging skin can leave you looking much older than you may feel, becoming a hindrance to your self-confidence. For some, the face can develop a hollow, gaunt appearance because the skin loses elasticity. For those who are concerned about their

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Facial – Richardson Rejuvenating Skin Treatment

Published on April 21, 2014 by

One of the most damaging aspects to our skin’s health is dehydration. Poor skin health can make you appear dramatically older, whereas proper skin care can do wonders for your appearance. With a facial, there are many techniques to treat

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Sensi Peel – Skin Rejuvenation – Richardson

Published on April 11, 2014 by

During our upcoming Spring Beauty Event in Richardson, we’re offering specials on the Sensi Peel and other rejuvenation procedures that can get you looking your best. The Sensi Peel is a professional-strength formula of skin treatments that can treat even

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Wrinkle Prevention – BOTOX Injections – Richardson

Published on April 4, 2014 by

Though the process of aging is an inevitable part of life, it doesn’t mean there isn’t anything that we can do about it. With cosmetic injections such as BOTOX, there are effective ways for wrinkle prevention and anti-aging. As part

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