Skin Care in

Richardson, TX

Our skin influences the way we view ourselves and is one of the most immediate ways in which other people judge our age, health and attractiveness.

Our professionally trained skin and laser specialists can help you keep your most visible asset in the very best condition. Our skin care specialists at the Regional Skin & Laser Center are supervised by the board certified plastic surgeons of the Regional Plastic Surgery Center. Dr. Denton Watumull serves as Medical Director.


Periodic professional attention is important to help you protect, correct and preserve your skin through customized treatments.

Factors can influence the appearance of your skin – aging, change of seasons, stress, medications, environment, sun, wind, pollution, hormones and lifestyle.

From customized facials, laser hair removal to permanently eliminating fat, our med spa offers medically supervised treatments tailored to your needs.

The anti-aging benefits of professional care is a wonderful way to relieve stress.