Lumenis RF Microneedling

The Lumenis RF microneedling system offers a sophisticated solution for those seeking to improve their skin’s appearance. This popular option can encourage a newer, more refreshed complexion while significantly enhancing the skin’s quality.*

We are thrilled to offer this innovative non-surgical treatment at our Dallas-area med-spa. For more information about RF microneedling, we welcome you to schedule your initial consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Lumenis RF Microneedling?

RF microneedling is unique in that it combines the advantages of microneedling with the skin-tightening effects of radiofrequency (RF) energy. Microneedling (such as with the top-of-the-line SkinPen® device) involves the creation of micro-injuries into the epidermis, prompting the body to generate newer, healthier skin cells. In an RF microneedling procedure, RF energy is simultaneously delivered into the next layer of skin (the dermis), further encouraging collagen and elastin production. 

This powerful mix can improve the skin’s tone, texture, and quality. It can also reduce the severity of various aesthetic concerns – not limited to skin laxity, wrinkles, enlarged pores, acne, sun damage, scars, and hyperpigmentation. Thanks to customizable settings that adjust the depth of needle penetration and the intensity of the RF energy, RF microneedling is generally safe for all skin types. 

What Does the Lumenis RF Microneedling Procedure Involve?

Depending on the treatment area’s size, RF microneedling is typically completed in under an hour. After applying a topical anesthetic, your provider will use the device to deliver RF energy through the tiny needles, penetrating the skin at various depths. This dual action was designed to prompt skin rejuvenation and remodeling over time.

Following the procedure, you may notice minor swelling, bruising, or tenderness. These effects are usually temporary. While more severe complications are possible, they are much less common when the treatment is performed by an experienced medical professional. 

What Are the Typical Results of Lumenis RF Microneedling?

Patients often notice an immediate improvement in their skin’s texture and radiance following a Lumenis RF Microneedling session. With this in mind, more significant results (e.g. skin tightening and reduction of deeper wrinkles or scars) typically become apparent in the weeks and months after treatment as the skin continues to produce new collagen. 

Optimal results usually require a series of treatments, spaced several weeks apart, with the exact number depending on individual skin conditions and goals. With these follow-up sessions, the effects of RF microneedling are liable to last for several months. 

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