FemTouch Vaginal Rejuvenation

While your vaginal health may not be something you think about frequently or feel comfortable discussing, it is still something that requires your attention. Changes in your vaginal health can be triggered by a multitude of things, and ignoring these changes can lead to a noticeable decrease in your quality of life.

Aging is a common cause of vaginal health issues. Over time, vaginal tissues become loose. The vaginal muscles lose their strength, and hormonal changes occur that can trigger certain issues. However, you do not have to be older to experience vaginal health issues. Women who have given birth may also experience these issues due to the strain of childbirth and how it affects the area.

Common vaginal health issues include:

Vaginal Rejuvenation Using FemTouch

You don’t have to feel embarrassed about seeking help for your vaginal issues. Countless women out there are going through the same thing, and while you may not feel comfortable talking to everyone about your issues, our esthetician / senior laser technician at Regional Skin & Laser Center can provide you with the compassionate and comforting care you need.

One of the best options for vaginal rejuvenation is FemTouch. FemTouch is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment that rejuvenates vaginal tissues using CO2 laser technology. The treatment process is quick, creates only minimal discomfort, and produces excellent results in just two to four treatments.

How Does FemTouch Work?

The FemTouch system utilizes a special wand-like applicator in order to properly treat the entire targeted area. The applicator is gently inserted into the area where it emits CO2 laser energy. The laser energy targets the vaginal tissue and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two essential structural proteins.

Collagen gives the tissues their strength and helps to tighten them. Elastin provides the tissues with the ability to stretch without becoming worn out and loose. The process also triggers the tissue-renewal process, which will produce tighter and stronger vaginal tissues.

In order to ensure full and even coverage, the applicator is carefully and slowly rotated to ensure 360-degree coverage of the area. The process is painless and will be over in a matter of minutes.

Our team will be there to provide you with the care you need to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the amazing care you deserve in an environment that is calm and comforting.

Are You Ready for FemTouch?

If you are experiencing vaginal looseness, urinary incontinence, or any other vaginal health concerns, contact Regional Skin & Laser Center to schedule a consultation for your FemTouch Treatment.

During your consultation, we can let you know if FemTouch is the right choice for you and can discuss the procedure in greater detail. At Regional Skin & Laser Center, we can provide you with the outstanding care you need and the amazing results you deserve.