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Areola Micro-Pigmentation – Richardson Skin Treatment

Women who have undergone breast reconstruction often experience changes in the appearance of their breasts. Depending on how the reconstruction was performed, many women lose the natural appearance of their nipple-areola complex. In other words, the nipples and areolae do not look like they used to. If this is your case, you may want consider nipple and areola micro-pigmentation.

The process of nipple and areola micro-pigmentation employs permanent make up. Permanent make up is more commonly known as a tattoo. Permanent cosmetics after surgery are meant to restore the natural appearance of the nipple-areola complex with coloration, and the inks used in the process are FDA-approved. Consult with a board-certified practitioner like Dr. Denton Watumull to discuss how nipple and areola micro-pigmentation can benefit you.

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