Liposonix in Richardson, TX

Liposonix is a relatively new treatment method used to permanently terminate fat cells while reducing the size of the waist. Liposonix is an effective, non-invasive alternative to liposuction for people with less fat reduction needed. This popular technologically advanced treatment can offer impressive results in a single sitting.

The general duration of the treatment is 60 minutes, but this usually depends on the patient’s specific needs and the location of the treatment area. It usually reduces the waist by one size in terms of circumference, but this can vary according to the situation.

The key focus of the Liposonix procedure is custom body contouring through elimination of fat, primarily in the abdomen and flank area. It is not meant to be used as a substitute for surgical liposuction.

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposonix?

There are treatment criteria to be met before coming in for the Liposonix procedure. Pregnant women, lactating women, and people suffering from a hernia cannot come in for Liposonix treatment. Women of child-bearing age are also compulsorily tested for pregnancy before this procedure in order to avoid any complications. The procedure is not meant for individuals with extreme skin laxity.

How Is Liposonix Done?

Liposonix uses the same ultrasound energy as the diagnostic ultrasound treatment. During the procedure, the head of the Liposonix system is moved around the treatment area. The ultrasound energy causes a thermal coagulation in the adipose tissue within the focal area of the beam.

This energy heats and terminates fat cells within a precise area. Once the adipocytes are destroyed, they become unable to store fat. The procedure isn’t known to be particularly painful, but a slight tingling and pricking effect is common and completely normal.

Post-Procedural Results

It typically takes eight to twelve weeks for the body to process and remove the destroyed fat tissues naturally. Once the fat is metabolized by the body, effective results can be seen. Extremely mild swelling and pain is normal during the course of healing.

Because Liposonix is a non-surgical procedure, patients will not have to deal with long periods of downtime and will be able to go about their daily schedule as normal. They will not need to take time off of work.

Once the body has naturally eliminated the excess fat, a better-contoured waistline is usually noticeable. The loss in fat leads to a naturally slimmer and sleeker body. Unlike surgical liposuction, Liposonix does not leave patients with drooping loose skin. To maintain the excellent results of Liposonix treatment, it is advised to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle after the procedure.


Liposonix is generally a quite safe procedure, and it is conducted without causing harm to the surrounding tissues, skin, or organs. No hostile or unanticipated effects have been noticed, as there have been no signs of clinically important changes after treatment. The only probable side-effect would be a degree of mild discomfort, and this is only temporary.

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