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Love Handles – Liposonix Procedure – Richardson

Even with dieting and regular exercise, there are parts of the body that seem to refuse to slim down and tighten. The “love handles” are excess fat around the sides of our waistline and are notoriously difficult to reduce. However, with Liposonix, there is a method that you can use to reduce an inch in just an hour!

Liposonix works to reduce your love handles by using ultrasound energy. This technique is targeted at the fat layer and destroys fat cells without harming the skin. After the procedure, your body naturally metabolizes the destroyed fat cells and removes them from the body. The procedure is just an hour long and can reduce your waist by an inch without any incisions or complicated surgery.

Consult with Dr. Denton Watumull for more information about how Liposonix can help reduce your love handles in just an hour.

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