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How Do I Know Which Cosmetic Injectable Is Right for Me?

When it comes to cosmetic injectables, it can be incredibly difficult to choose the right one for addressing your unique aesthetic issues. There are so many options that advertise themselves as the “best” or that claim to offer unparalleled results. How do you determine which product is the right one for you?

The most important thing is knowing exactly what issue you are trying to treat. Most products are designed to address a specific set of aesthetic issues. If you are trying to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles like crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles, your best options are Botox or Dysport.

Problems like facial volume loss and deep folds will require the use of a dermal filler. These products have thicker formulas that can restore lost facial volume and enhance the contours of your face. There are still a lot of options for dermal fillers, which is why it is important to remember to identify the issue you want to address.

Are you unhappy with the lack of volume in your lips? Restylane Silk is your best option. Have your cheeks taken on a hollowed appearance? Juvederm Voluma is specifically designed to restore lost facial volume in the mid-face. If your folds and wrinkles are very severe, Sculptra is the product for you.

At Regional Skin and Laser Center, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic injectables. Our educated and expertly trained staff can work with you to identify your aesthetic issues so we can find the perfect product for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.