Liposonix Results

  • The 1:1:1 – One Treatment, One Hour, One Dress or Pant Size
  • Liposonix is a ground-breaking ultrasound technology that delivers non-invasive fat reduction.
  • A non-invasive alternative to liposuction, Liposonix provides the best of both worlds: single treatment, fat reduction in 8-12 weeks while it is a non-invasive, no downtime treatment with low risk and complications.
  • Liposonix technology was developed over a period of 10 years by leading scientists and ultrasound experts with more than 200 years of combined experience in the development of therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound devices.
  • Liposonix is clinically proven to slim down the waistline by one pant or dress size without surgery or downtime.
  • Liposonix uses non-invasive, advanced high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to destroy and eliminate the fat just below the skin on the abdomen and flanks.
  • Liposonix is a non-surgical premier fat reduction solution that has been clinically shown to slim down the waistline by one pant or dress size without surgery or downtime.
  • Liposonix is indicated for non-invasive waist circumference reduction for use on both the abdomen and love handles.
  • With Liposonix’s Custom Contouring™ capabilities, physicians can choose from a variety of treatment patterns to customize each procedure to the specific curves and contours of a patient’s body.
  • A Liposonix treatment lasts only an hour and the body naturally processes and removes the destroyed fat tissue over a period of 8 to 12 weeks, leaving behind the desired slimmer, more contoured waistline.
  • A Liposonix treatment is for someone who wants to reduce stubborn fat and who does not want to undergo surgery. If you can pinch an inch, you are most likely a candidate. Both men and women can benefit from the treatment.
  • The Liposonix treatment may cause discomfort. Most frequently reported side effects during treatment are warmth, cold, prickling, tingling and pain. All are temporary and usually resolve shortly after the treatment. Post treatment discomfort ranges from sensitivity, bruising and swelling in the treatment area, typically resolved within a couple
    of weeks.
  • Patient tolerance varies from patient to patient and is subjective. The management of patient discomfort ranging from distraction techniques to pain medications during a Liposonix treatment is at the professional discretion of the treatment provider, based on their objective medical assessment of each individual patient.