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Creating Beautiful Eyebrows

Getting the Look You Want

There is no denying how important eyebrows have become when it comes to one’s overall look. Every day, men and women are spending countless hours with tweezers in hand, plucking away stray hairs and sculpting the perfect eyebrows. You need to have a lot of material to work with if you want to be able to create sharp lines and maintain a full appearance for your eyebrows.

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t have thick eyebrows, which means they spend a good part of their day trying to fill in their eyebrows with makeup and other products. A lot of older women tend to have thinner eyebrows with very few hairs. These women tend to have to “draw on” their eyebrows.

The best way to make sure you have bold and beautiful eyebrows with clean lines is with microblading, a form of cosmetic tattooing.

How Microblading Works

Microblading is performed manually by a skilled professional who uses a special tool to etch lines in the eyebrows that mimic the appearance of natural eyebrow hairs. Just like a normal tattoo, microblading involves a special pigment that is inserted into the skin, but the pigment is not inserted as deeply as with normal tattooing.

The etched lines are precisely made to ensure that they look as realistic as possible and that they blend seamlessly with the natural eyebrow hairs. This gives the eyebrows a fuller and bolder appearance that ties your whole look together.

Getting Regular Touch-Ups

One of the greatest things about microblading is that it provides semi-permanent results. While the pigment may not be inserted deeply into the skin, it won’t wash away or fade quickly.

Over time, the top layers of skin that contains the pigment will naturally be replaced by new skin, which will cause the results to fade. Fortunately, you can get your eyebrows touched up whenever they have faded too much.

An initial touch-up may be performed four to six weeks after the initial treatment to ensure that your results satisfy your aesthetic goals. An additional touch-up can be performed after about six months, but most patients will only need an annual touch-up to maintain the look of their eyebrows.

Visiting Our Skin Center

Regional Skin and Laser Center has partnered with three of the most outstanding microblading and permanent makeup specialists in the area. Our highly skilled microbladers, Tamara Ferguson and Tia B., specialize in microblading and other non-permanent makeup procedures in our Richardson office. Jennifer Dunn Helgerson focuses on precision brow treatment and permanent makeup in our Sherman office.

Tired of spending your mornings in front of the mirror applying makeup and powders to try and give your eyebrows the bold look and beautiful shape that you want?

You can either call Regional Skin and Laser Center to schedule an appointment for your microblading procedure in Richardson 972-470-5012 or schedule through one of the online scheduling links below.

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Tia Burrell RN, BSN

Microblading Specialist
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Jennifer Dunn Helgerson, C.P.C.A.

Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist
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